As passionate writers ourselves, we know exactly what it feels like when you have written a book and you are not quite sure what to do next. There is always help at hand with an ocean full of publishers out there but we found that either the publisher snatched the books out of our hands without a word, or the book design had no relation to the book at all.
Worst of all, as authors, we felt that often in the publishing process everyone gets paid first – the editor, cover designer and printer all get paid before the author sees a penny years later.

That’s why we decided to do better!
First of all, we want to keep it simple. We don’t use any difficult publishing speak (what’s an elevator pitch anyway!) and we work closely with our authors every step of the way. We understand the book is your creation and your message to the world, so from proofreading and finalising your manuscript to book layout, cover design and distribution, we integrate your ideas and thoughts, and also tell you honestly when something just doesn’t work.

Before we get started, we take you through the steps in detail so you know exactly what we do to turn your manuscript into a printed book (Yes, it’s magic!). Usually these steps are:

  1. Editorial / Proofreading of your manuscript – we go through the manuscript making sure there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or content issues
  2. Book layout – we take your manuscript and turn it into a beautifully designed book format
  3. Cover design – we take all your ideas and turn into an original book cover
  4. Distribution through Amazon & bookshops – your book will appear on Amazon (print and ebook) and can be purchased from 39,000 bookshops
  5. Marketing + Publicity – we market your book through social media and other marketing routes so your book gets out into the world

Now, about the small print, the good news is that we don’t charge anything upfront and we also have no tier system for commission like many other publishers. As an author, you receive 12.5% commission from the sale of each book, whether you are selling one book or hundreds.

Interested in publishing with us? Then contact us on or 01286 864150

Our Mission

We want to create books that make everyone happy, with our authors proud of their book, and their audience enjoy reading every page.