We are open to a large range of subjects, from herbalism, physical and mental wellbeing, food, memoirs and many more. If you put your heart into your book, we can lend you our eyes and ears: we are always looking for new authors and their fiction or non-fiction manuscripts.

HerbaryBooks includes subjects such as aromatherapy, heilpraktika, homeopathy & herbal medicine

HerbaryKitchen is all about foodie subjects, such as recipes, vegan and organic, foraging and wild food

HerbaryMind covers a range of mental wellbeing subjects, such as memoirs and reflections

HerbaryImpressions comprises of a number of artistic subjects

HerbaryGrow is all about gardening, self-sufficiency and farming

HerbaryBody covers all physical wellbeing subjects, such as Yoga, Pilates and physical exercises


Interested in publishing with us?
You might have guessed but we absolutely love reading, especially new and exciting subjects. Go on, get in touch on contact@herbarybooks.com and send us your manuscript.