Herbal at heart

Herbary Books was born out of the passion for helping herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners to bring their herbal medicine books to life. But we want to do so much more: we understand your herbal book is not just a text book but the link to help your readers connect with nature, and ultimately a way to share your knowledge. This means your book deserves thorough editing, an engaging design and a smart publishing strategy, and that’s where we come in – at no upfront cost.

Our imprint Herbary Books is our core imprint providing a home for alternative medicine books of all kinds:

• Herbals & Herbal Medicine Books
• Bach Flower Remedies
• Natural Healthcare
• Aromatherapy
• Heilpraktika
• Homeopathy

Are you a herbalist or alternative healthcare practitioner looking to publish your book?
We absolutely love reading and chatting about books. Whether you are thinking about writing a book or finished a manuscript, just get in touch with us on contact@herbarybooks.com.