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As part of our lifestyle book range, we can’t miss out on all the delicious recipes and cookery – food for body and soul. Whether you are working on a recipe book or want to tell your story about foraging adventures, we are here to help bring your story to life. This means your book gets thorough editing, an engaging design and a smart publishing strategy, and that’s where we come in – at no upfront cost but with 12.5% author commission on every book sold.

Our imprint Herbary Kitchen covers food, drink and cookery books:

• Recipes
• Cooking
• Foraging & wild food
• Vegetarian, vegan & free-from foods
• Organic

Are you looking to publish your book?
We absolutely love reading and chatting about books. Whether you are thinking about writing a book or finished a manuscript, just get in touch with us on contact@herbarybooks.com.